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Did you know that your front door is your first line of defense when it comes to detouring intruders? This is why it is imperative to ensure that the locks and deadbolts are always upgraded and working properly. What good is a lock or deadbolt going to do if it is broken or not functioning properly? Well, below you will learn exactly what can happen if the locks on your front door are broken.

May Leave Your Home Exposed To Elements

A broken door lock will not only leave your home vulnerable to burglaries but will also leave your home vulnerable to nature. It is true that insects will enter the home through the tiniest crack or crevice. So, if your door lock is broken there is the risk that it will allow moisture, cold or hot air, dirt and allergens in your home. Without a decent door lock, it will be impossible to keep your door completely closed or sealed. The elements can destroy your home over time, especially high-ticketed and fragile décor.

By hiring a licensed locksmith to replace those broken locks, you will not only improve the security around your home but also will be able to keep the elements out.

Makes You Liable For Lawsuits

Kids and teenagers will get into anything, and if they know that your front door isn’t secure your place is the first spot they are going to hit. What happens if something goes wrong and one of these kids gets seriously injured or dies inside your home? You are going to be found liable and the parents of the injured kid could take serious legal action against you.

Don’t Let The Dogs Out

Just about every household has a beloved little four-legged friend or maybe a couple of them. Whatever the situation is if your dog isn’t properly trained it is highly likely that it likes to run off when it gets outside. Without a properly working door lock, it is possible that your pooch could knock open the front door and run away. If you don’t have a fence or some kind of deterrent there is even a better chance that your pet is going to run away.

Exposes Your Home To Burglars

Of course, the most obvious reason for replacing a broken front door lock is that is can allow intruders into the home. In fact, it can allow anyone into the home. There can be worst things than having some of your possessions stolen. For instance, a bunch of wild teenagers could come over during the day while you are away at work and trash the place.

broken front door lock

You would be surprised to learn that thieves will prowl around the home and even test their door locks when they are away. It is a fact that some burglars are able to enter the victim’s home through the front door. If your door locks are not functioning or installed properly, they will not be able to keep an intruder out of your home. Burglaries can occur at a drop of a hat, whether you are at home or away, making it even more important to make sure your door locks are working properly.

Infrastructure Damage

Most people don’t realize that if a lock is broken or not working properly it could potentially damage the infrastructure of the door. For instance, if the lock is broken but the door is still usable it could eventually lead to problems with misalignment or damage to the striker plate.

Decreases Home Value

There is absolutely no doubt that you’ll want to keep your home at the maximum value. This is why you should take steps to properly maintain your home over the years. If you do not, you’re going to run into serious problems and your home’s value is going to dip lower and lower. This is definitely what is going to happen if your home’s lock becomes damaged or broken. Do you really think anyone is going to buy a home that has a lock that isn’t working flawlessly? If they do, they’ll ask for a hefty discount. With that being said, it is absolutely pertinent to get the lock fixed as quickly as possible.

With Lock Masters Plano, you’ll be able to get the lock repaired or replaced. Our company is based out of Plano, Texas and we’ll be able to rectify your problem in a jiffy. When you’re ready to restore your home to its peak value, you should call Lock Masters. They’ll repair the lock or replace it entirely for you.

Could Allow Your Child To Escape

Another thing to remember is that your toddler is always interested in escaping your home. They would love to be able to leave home and play in the yard for hours and hours. This is very dangerous. There is always a possibility that your child could run into the yard and get hit by an automobile. If the lock is broken, there is a good chance that your child will be able to get the door open without assistance. They’ll be able to pull the door right open without any resistance. This is something that you need to avoid at all costs. You must get the lock replaced as quickly as possible, so your child cannot leave your home without your permission.

Again, getting in touch with a locksmith is a good way to solve the problem. Alternatively, you may want to consider fixing your own lock. Either way, make sure that the lock is fixed right away.

Could Damage Your Key

Depending on the severity of the door lock, there is a possibility that your lock could end up damaging your key. This would make a bad situation even worse. If the lock is severely damaged, it may end up breaking your key. Can you imaginable how frustrating this would be? You’d be forced to get the key replaced and the lock replaced. In the end, this could cause your repair bill to double. Suffice to say, it is pertinent to get the problem fixed immediately. No, do sit around and wait, as it could lead to bigger and far worse problems.

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