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It is truly no secret that thieves have to first break into your home to steal your items. They’ll need to enter your yard to gain access to your home, garage and shed. By taking the time to better protect the exterior of your property, you may very well be able to keep these individuals at bay. With the right precautions, you’ll be able to stop a thief in their tracks and before they can do any real harm. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place. Lock Masters Plano is more than happy to provide you with advice for better securing your home from the outside.

Within this guide, you will learn how Lock Masters Plano can help you secure your home!

Add More Lighting

There is absolutely no doubt that thieves absolutely love dark spaces. They’ll use shadows and darkness as hiding places. Suffice to say, if your yard had lots of dark areas, you’ll be far more likely to fall prey to a criminal at some point in the future. You can prevent this from happening by installing more lighting in your yard. You do not need to spend a great deal. Just install a light or two outside of your home. Be sure to target areas that are usually very dark.

Once the criminal sees that your yard is lit up brightly, they’ll be far more hesitant to try and break in. Lock Masters can help you install these devices around your home.

Using Motion Detector Lights

Stationary lights are great. They can certainly help to ward off criminals. On the flip side, you should also consider surprising and shocking the criminal. You can achieve this goal by utilizing motion detector lights. Motion detector lights remain off until they spot motion. This makes them great for people that work during the day and arrive home at night. They can also help you save money on your electric bill. More importantly, motion detector lights are definitely a good way to put a stop to a criminal’s activities.

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Once the criminal tries to sneak around the corner, the light will switch on. This will give the thief a shock and it’ll probably send them in the opposite direction right away.

Installing Dummy Cameras

Thieves are far more intelligent than you could ever imagine. These individuals understand that they’re doing something illegal and they’ll do everything possible to avoid detection. Often times, the criminal will observe the property for several days, before they attempt to sneak inside. If they believe that the property is too secure, they’ll choose a more vulnerable target. Therefore, you should make your home look as secure as possible. This is where dummy cameras will enter the picture. Dummy cameras are inexpensive, but they work exceptionally well for the intended purpose.

Once the criminal spots the dummy camera, they’ll know that your house is secure. This will convince them to go elsewhere.

Cut Those Shrubs And Bushes

There are tons of things that you can do to better protect your property from a potential intruder. Again, it is absolutely pertinent to make sure that your home is unfriendly to criminals. This is why lighting is important. You should also make sure that your yard is not overflowing with hiding places. Make sure that you trim those shrubs and bushes to the minimum. Criminals will use these items as a hiding place and this will make it far easier for them to reach your home.

Those bushes might be aesthetically pleasing, but you should cut them as low as possible. Otherwise, they’ll make your home vulnerable. Lock Masters offers advice for better securing your home. This includes cutting bushes. For a more comprehensive examination and recommends, you should get in touch with a local locksmith today.

Better Protecting Your Car

There is a pretty good chance that you’re not going to be able to fit all of your vehicles into your garage. This is fairly common. Parking your vehicle outside isn’t a problem, as long as you take additional precautions. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not. Some people leave their vehicle unlocked and they conveniently place a house key inside. This is a major mistake and it is going to leave your home vulnerable. Keep your vehicle doors locked at all times and avoid hiding a key inside of your vehicle. Also, make sure that your vehicle’s alarm system is turned on before you go inside at night.

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These minor tweaks will make a big difference in the long run.

Finding A Better Hiding Spot

It can be very convenient to hide an extra key outside of your home. Unfortunately, this could prove to be a big mistake. Just think about it. The thief might be watching you from a distance. They may see you lifting up the plant to obtain the key. This could make your home a big target for criminals. Instead of hiding your key outside, you should consider switching to a smart lock. Or, you can think about hiding your key on your person somewhere. This will help to ensure that you are not leaving your door open to a stranger.

Upgrade To Deadbolts

Your door locks will make a world of difference. If you’re still using conventional locks, your home is far more vulnerable than you could ever imagine. If you want to keep those intruders outside, you really need to upgrade to deadbolts right now! Deadbolts are far more secure than the alternatives, yet they’re not any more expensive. Just get in touch with Lock Masters Plano for Plano locksmith services to get deadbolt locks installed on each and every one of your exterior doors as soon as possible! You’ll be glad that you did in the future.

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Installing Fully Functional Cameras

Finally, you should consider installing fully functional cameras outside of your home. Will they be able to stop intruders? The answer is likely no. Nevertheless, they can still provide you with extra peace of mind. In the event that your home is broken into, the cameras will prove to be very helpful. The evidence recorded will help you track down the culprit. And, it could help you reclaim your items. Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in a fully functional security system. If you’ve got the budget, a security system is definitely a wise investment.