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Lock Masters For You Residential Locksmith Needs

When it comes to your home, your security system and locks are two of the most important components. They detour burglars, keep your family safe, and ensure that your valuables are safe and sound, while you are away. With that being said, there are times when problems with your locks and keys can arise.

Whether you are looking for a rekey locksmith Plano, or you are looking to get your locks changed, Lock Masters Plano can handle your every need. Not only can we handle your needs, but also we can handle them with precision and care.

Dealing with a haggling company is never a fun process, and that is why we want to prove to our customers that our rekey service is heads above our competitors.

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Getting Locks Rekeyed Provides Convenience

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If you are debating getting locks rekeyed or changing your locks altogether, you can always call our offices and speak with a locksmith rekey tech. One of our technicians will be able to answer any questions that you have right over the phone. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that rekeying your lock instead of changing it can have a wide range of benefits. One of the benefits is convenience. It is highly likely that your current locks have been installed on your home for a large number of years now, and you have become very accustomed to how they operate.

Well, changing them will slow you down every morning, because you will have to take a few minutes to study the lock in order to ensure that it is properly locked. However, when dealing with a rekey service like ours this is something that you will never have to worry about.

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Using Our Rekey Locksmith Plano To Save Money

You wouldn’t think that a rekey locksmith company would tell you this, but when you rekey locks you actually can save yourself a bundle of money. When you decide to change the locks, you have to spend an enormous amount of time and money shopping for new locks.

However, when you choose to rekey locks you only end up paying for a new key and the cost of the labor. In addition to this, Lock Masters Plano offers some of the more affordable lock rekeying rates that you will find on the market.

Re Keyed Locks That Are Damaged

Security is often times not the only reason you should rekey a lock. In fact, it is possible that the lock can become damaged or you could even break your keys off in the lock. Whatever this situation is, it will not matter with our services, because we can handle any situation. In fact, with our years of experience in the field, there truly is not much that our tech hasn’t seen and conquered. Whether you want to rekey a lock, change a broken door lock it completely, or just have a few common questions, you can get in touch with Lock Masters Plano anytime of the day or night.

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Rekey Locksmith Services Available Around The Clock

As mentioned above your home is one of your most prized possessions, and your locks are your number one defense to keeping our intruders. With that being said, you truly never know when an emergency situation might rise. You wouldn’t want to leave your house unprotected overnight just because you couldn’t find a rekey locksmith Plano company that couldn’t come out during the night hours, would you? Of course, you wouldn’t, and that is why we always have techs standing by 24/7, 265 days a year. It really doesn’t matter if it is Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Eve, we can have a tech dispatched out to your home to rectify any situation.

Locksmith Rekey Company Equipped For Any Situation

When it comes to lock rekeying, there are a lot of unseen variables. Just about anything can happen within a matter of minutes, and that is why our techs are equipped and trained to handle just about any situation. Here at Lock Masters Plano we always make sure that our technician’s trucks and vans are equipped with all the latest replacement parts and equipment that they might need. We know just how important the protection of your home is, and we never want to leave our customers hanging in the wind.

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Re Keyed Locks With A Warranty

Are you worried that getting your locks rekeyed could result in damage or non-working locks? With an incompetent company, this is something that is entirely possible. Of course, there are times that mistakes and accidents happen. Whatever the situation is, when you are dealing with Lock Masters Plano, you can always rest assured because every single bit of work we do is backed by a warranty. It very rarely happens, but if something goes wrong with a job that we performed, we can send out a tech to rectify the situation, regardless of the time of day or night.  So, if you are truly looking where to get locks rekeyed, you need to turn to Lock Masters Plano.

Where To Get Locks Rekeyed Locally?

Here at Lock Masters Plano, we are a locally owned and operated lock rekey company that has been in business in the Plano, TX area for a long number of years now. Not only is out company backed with experience, but all of our techs are certified and backed with several years of experience as well. There truly isn’t much that we haven’t encountered or seen before. Along with this, we truly have come to love the Plano area and it residents. In fact, we have come to think or every resident like a family member, and want to serve them in the best ways possible.

What Our Customers Saying

Lock Masters sent out a tech at 2 am to rekey a lock, so that I could rest safely and securely.

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Brittany Newton

I could not be happier with the services provided by Lock Master and plan on using them for my future needs.

5 stars locksmith in plano tx

Jennifer Goody

I have used this company’s services several times, and would refer them to anyone.

5 stars locksmith in plano tx

Nathan Manning